1. In relation to TS Pest Management carrying out pest control services for the Property’s required areas.  The Contractor shall examine the Property carefully and locate areas of critical pest activity.  The Contractor shall thoroughly treat areas of infestation, threatened infestation and ensure preventative treatment/inspection is undertaken pending discussion with property owner regarding agreed service and any additional services that may be necessary.
  2. Each service, a Service Report will be completed, the client will obtain a copy and the duplicate will be kept in TS Pest Managements database.
  3. The Technician shall undertake to minimize the negative impact of the pest control services on the environment.
  4. The Technician shall make every endeavour to safeguard health and safety of people and animals in the property against any perils of using pesticides.
  5. All pesticides that will be used by the Technician must have been registered in accordance with Australian Standards
  6. All pesticides that will be used by the Technician in the Property must be stored in a container(s) that is impervious to that pesticide and sufficiently strong to prevent leakage arising from the ordinary risks of handling and transport.  There must be a label on the container(s) setting forth, clearly and distinctly the following particulars in English:

    a. the word “Poison”,                                                                            b. the expression “Keep out of reach of children” and             c. the registration number of the pesticide.
  7. TS Pest Management shall ensure that its Technicians who apply pesticides in the Property, must be sufficiently trained in Asset Management to carry out the pest control services correctly and safely.                                                            
  8. TS Pest Management shall also ensure its Technicians comply with the Australian Standards and VIC/NSW regulatory Department’s Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines relating to use and application of pesticides.

     9.  TS Pest Management shall be fully responsible for arranging             adequate insurance cover for all risks arising out of                               performance of its services. Such insurance cover shall                         include:

          a. third party liability,                                                                                         b. employees’ compensation and                                                                   c. other insurance as may from time to time be required               10. The Technician shall utilize the use of their own tools,                          applicators, device, equipment and supplies that may be                    necessary for the performance of its service. Such tools,                      applicators, devices, equipment and supplies will be at all                  times kept in working order and meet Occupational Health                and Safety Standards as per Work Safety requirements. In                  the event that the property of the Technician or TS Pest                      Management is lost, damaged or stolen on site of the                          property, the Client may be supplied with an invoice to                        cover damages.                                                                                             11. Warranty is provided via the Service Report completed by                  the Technician at the time of service.                                                   12. Payment is due on the day of service, Cash and EFTPOS are                the available payment options. Payment must be made in                  full.                                                                                                                   13. Clients paying by EFTPOS, note that Credit card payments                  will incur a 1.5% surcharge.                                                                       14. Overdue payments will be sent to a third party, including                    the Client’s details to obtain the outstanding payment.                        Should TS Pest Management incur costs to a collection                        agency or legal fees in recovering any unpaid monies, these              fees will be payable by the Client in addition to outstanding              payments.                                                                                                       15. Note that in rare circumstances, should a client                                      receive an invoice, this must be paid by the due date, else                  contact with recovery agency shall commence.


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